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Shape the future of the energy world

We are NRG, a consulting company in trading and risk management.

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Market disruption
is our opportunity

We are a multi-disciplinary team of developers, mathematicians, market specialists, risk analysts and traders.

The speed of change has been accelerating in the commodities market. Energy trading is no longer just about relationships. It´s about mass collection of data, coupled with progress in the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Contact us, we help you keep up. We have the knowledge and the experience.

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Good Design
Good Design

Why are we different?

We help you maximize the value of your assets. With a track record of 7 years of successfully managing large and complex projects ranging from hydraulic power stations to photovoltaic farms and even nuclear power plants all over Europe.


Who do we work for?

Most of our customers are large corporate clients with significant commodity exposure, which can be utilities, traders, investment funds or large consumer companies. We work for all of them, sometimes even through other consultancy firms if they are in need for our specialist input.


What can you expect?

We listen carefully and we respond quickly. We are lean and mean. We know what we talk about and we are appreciated by our clients for always being straightforward and friendly.

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This is our moment

“Disruption is the keyword in the market at the moment. However, for us this means opportunity.”

We see more opportunities for traders in the coming years, but also greater risk exposure. Our expertise will be required when formulating trading strategies, mark-to-market analyses and value-at-risk calculations. This is our moment.

“ It is a really exciting time to work at NRG. The energy transition is gaining importance every day. It´s great to see how we make a clear contribution by having a positive impact on our clients´ results.”

Beltrán Cardeñosa
Beltrán Cardeñosa
Operational Director

“NRG Consulting has a strong portfolio of loyal clients. We are really proud of what we have achieved, but the future is even more promising.”

Nathaniel Garner
Justo Conde
Managing Director

We constantly optimise our team as well. (not just trading strategies)

You want to be part of the next revolution? Come and join us!

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